Muting Channels

The key to success relies on the ability to collaborate and communicate pre-planned work to be done today and the resources you need from others to get the job done. Thus, Octopull Chat- your personal task manager, project management and team collaboration application, has the most valuable feature to communicate with your team.

But there are times when you really need a lot of concentration to do a piece of work and you need to avoid any interruption or distraction from external factors.

That is why we introduced a new feature to Octopull Chat. We implemented Muting a Channel for 30 minutes, 1 hour, 8 hours and 1 week to relieve you of continuous notifications and distraction at the most. This unique mute channel feature enables you to stop notifications of any personal or group chat for any particular or several channels.

But, we provide no option for muting a channel for one whole year. This would result disastrous when a business or formal work is involved in the chat and you do not receive notifications from your team for an entire year.

The one week allotment is also a lot of time for a mute feature, but it necessary when you have a piece of code to produce, prepare an analysis report, design a book or meet any deadline, whereas 30 minutes and 1 hour scheduled mute feature is useful for meetings and 8 hours for production tasks.

When someone mentions you in a chat or reply you back in any channel, you will easily find those notifications in the notification center which is located at the top-right corner of the window and get notified on point in real-time.

To mute a channel:

  1. From the chat panels, select the noisy channel you want to mute.
  2. Click the sound icon on the right hand of the selected chat panel.
  3. Select the time period you want the chat to mute, and you’re done.

To unmute a channel:

  1. Select the muted channel you want to unmute from the chat panel.
  2. Click the sound icon on the right hand of the selected chat panel.
  3. Click the Unmute icon in the pop-up window.

This feature is available for Web, Android and iOS application.We try to provide you the best, a concise and systematic app for your integrated business communication and enhancement of your personal work excellence. Hope you have an awesome experience with our Octopull Chat, your ultimate team collaboration app.

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