The 6 Concepts of Toyota Production System Part I

Just In Time Production System Toyota describes Just In Time Concept as “making only what is needed when it is needed and in the amount needed”. This is the best approach to explain the concept. The concept aims at linking a relation and better communication in between the suppliers and manufacturer for an overall upliftment.

Elimination of waste The best way to understand “the elimination of waste” concept is describing what is considered waste. In manufacturing and other industries, 7 types of waste are present: Overproduction, Waiting, Transporting, Inappropriate Processing, Unnecessary Inventory, Excess Motion (described by Taylor several years ago about avoiding the movements that not generates value) and Defects.

Takt Time – Takt is a German word that means “baton”. Takt time is the average time between the start of production of one unit and the start of production of the next unit when these production starts are set to match the rate of customer demand.

Kanban Board – This is the latest technology used widely by most companies and industries. This has gained the maximum popularity, in fact, JIRA and Trello use this board to command their team about their respective job. The board is a good way to visualize only the important tasks that deliver immediate value dividing them by lanes to know the current status of the task (to do, doing and done).

Thinking People SystemToyota Production System, as said earlier, focuses mainly on its people that is the human resource. But similarly, they want to produce the high-quality product for their end users. The entire philosophy also emphasizes on delivering high-quality non-finished products in each step of production. Quality is not only allocated for end-product but in every single step.In Octopull we foster the communication between team members because you have the opportunity to improve communication and work conveniently.

5S  The concept of 5S correlates to the part of
1) Sort –  It is removing the unnecessary things, or more precisely decluttering your entire workspace.

2) Straighten – It is about storing things in order for easy reach during need.

3) Shine – Its relates to healthy and proper maintenance of your workspace, away from garbage, dirt, and dust.

4) Standardize – The word says it by itself about creating standards for a neat and clean workspace.

5) Sustain –  This means the way of implementing behaviors to maintain in a long-term the standard defined.

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