Integrating Basecamp with Octopull chat app


Octopull chat is a group management software for instant messaging among business and office co-workers which brings to you all the features needed to connect and communicate with your Team by instant messaging. Relieve yourself of all those lengthy formal emails, communicate faster and stay connected with any Android or IoT devices from anywhere to everywhere.Use Octopull chat as your personal task manager or connect with unlimited co-workers to assign tasks or set mission from simple chat messages.




Basecamp is a useful project management tool that helps in the amalgamation of different ongoing operations on the same board. The main utilities of Basecamp are task lists, project discussion threads, track statuses and generates detailed reports. Basecamp can be termed as the best perfect project management solution, though it has a messaging app, it’s not only communication on real time, the advantage of Octopull Chat is giving an instance of collaboration between team members to identify constraints that affect the tasks planned previously in Basecamp.

Both apps can never be compared with their unique features. Thus to complement each other we integrate both applications for your benefit.


Real-Time Reporting – To perform automated reporting of a project’s status once you update in any one of the application, the status gets updated and notified to all the personnel associated with the project.

Proper Cooperation – It’s obvious that a project involves a lot of personnel, and lack of proper channel of order and communication may jeopardize the outcome which leads to a shedload of misconception and confusion. So the updates of a project along with coordinating communication help in resolving the issue.

Proper Workflow – Regular updates of projects and coordination among workers increases efficiency and saves a lot of time, gives a detailed information and idea of the project which ultimately helps in proper workflow, increasing productivity and profitability.

Proper Onboarding of New Project – The integration serves as a platform for launching your new project binding your colleagues, aiding from the scratch to finish with stream-lined work-order updates.

The Idea of Integrating Basecamp with Octopull Chat.

When the first version of Octopull Chat was released, it was under continuous development, it was when our users asked for ways to amalgamate Basecamp in the task section, the idea of integration feature induced.

Project management tools such as Basecamp are very useful for project planning and project control, but not production control. This ensures deliverance of high-quality products on time.

The innovative, unique features of both, enhances your business. The project baseline is kept well structured in Basecamp and the real-time communication with deadline feature of Octopull when unified created magic for its users.

The following step by step tutorial will help you activate Basecamp in Octopull –

  • Create a New Mission or Select a current mission.


  • Go to Configuration


  • Then, Click Integrations


  • Sync your Basecamp Account with Octopull Chat.


  • Configure the integration.


  • Allow access to integrate Octopull with Basecamp.


  • Now you have successfully synced the Octopull account with Basecamp.
  • Click on ‘Enable’ to¬† –
    • 1. Select your Basecamp 3 Account
    • 2. Select the project you want to correspond
    • 3. Select the notifications you want to receive.
  • And Congratulations, you are done with the integration of beta version of Basecamp.To know how to use this integration, click here.
Hope the blog will help you easily unify both tools for your project success.Thank you, Guys.

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