So, what is an agile methodology?

An agile methodology is a lighter way of approach to software development than other previous versions of traditional procedure. A prominent feature of Agile methodologies is that self-organized teams are assigned for specific business objectives.
And that uniqueness helps in changing an on-going development process without any disruption or dispute. These methodologies mainly focus on frequent and regular deliverables of partial solution that needs to be evaluated and executed.

Twelve principles of Agile Manifesto and its application –

Customer satisfaction through early and continuous work delivery –
No one wants to wait. No one can afford to wait for a long extended period of delivery. So providing working software(product) at regular and continuous intervals make the customers happy and satisfied.
Octopull Chat strategizes inclusion of key user to the production mission for better customer satisfaction. This, in turn, gives an opportunity to rectify while working, feedback from the customer. Remember that the best way to improve is failing fast.

Accommodate changing requirements throughout the development process –
Don’t be afraid to make changes during development. You don’t need to wait for next update or redesign. This principle of Agile Development shortens the gap between conceiving and implementing. The idea of the ability to avoid delays when a requirement or feature request changes is also implemented.
In Octopull you can convert messages into tasks, also comment on those, ensure commitment to the responsible. We foster a collaboration environment, so change the tasks assigned, to complete a customer requirement and perfect delivery.

Frequent Delivery of Projects –
Agile methodology solely relies on shortening the gap between planning and delivery. The productiveness diminishes, if planning is focused more, these require continuous communication and build up on the go.
Octopull Chat also follows the same, we believe in missions. Dividing the work to conquer success. If you are going to work on a year-long project, it’s better to split the project into several stages, each stage being a mission to be completed.


Collaboration between the Developers and the Management –
Better decisions are conceived when management and technical team coordinate and communicate resulting in better cooperation, better product and increased productivity.
Octopull Chat serves close, regular internal cooperation which allows you to create missions and group with your team. It’s a good idea to create a group channel with the managerial area to ensure you are delivering value to the entire organization.

Build projects around motivated individuals –
A motivated team is anticipated to deliver the best of work, and in a Agile project management, there should be no micromanaging. Everyone should be self-determined and self-directed, have a clear idea of what to do next.
Octopull lets you track task update, assign mission or tasks, have a clear knowledge. ‘Where are we going’- Yes!, you should have a group like that to reinforce the vision of your company or team.

Enable face-to-face interactions –
Communication is productive when development teams are co-located, a face to face conversion solves time constraint, clears your doubts easily, getting instant suggest, all works in its favour.
Octopull Chat provides the same platform for communication and interactions, and we are integrating other services enable a face to face meeting.

Working software is the primary measure of progress –
Quite a different approach to judge the progress of your work, it states only success of your project (or software) determines advancement and not the deadlines you’ve completed or theories you’ve submitted. Basically, it’s sticking to, what is important to you. The principal measure of progression is working software and nothing else.
If you are using SCRUM with your team, for example, the sprints (2 or 4 weeks are the better way to ensure a high-quality delivery) ensures you’re releasing a working software that can be tested for other users.

Agile processes promote sustainable development –
Agile Development emphasizes on maintaining an equal and rational pace for the work assigned. The work you do, at the end of the day, should be satisfactory, so a pace should be set up that is sustainable and impact the quality of your project.
One of the good practices of our users implement in Octopull is reviewing the reports the app generates automatically. Reviewing these reports you’ll find the bottlenecks or the weakness of your process and work on it.

Attention to technical detail and design enhances agility –
Swift projects need continuous attention to technical design and good designing. This should be the top priority of development process, because if it fails in technical or designing part, then it’s impoverished.
Setting up rules for your team is a good idea, but try to not affect the current agility your team has. If the rules are not delivering value to the process, just remove or change it.

Simplicity is essential –
Development structure under Agile Methodology should follow basic, simple ethics to streamline your process, progress. Minimizing the time between comprehension and completion, to expend more effort on the work not done.
Remember, keep it simple using Octopull as a production tool. If you need to plan large projects, you have multiple apps that can help you. Octopull is very useful to start working on your approved tasks that are ready to be produced.

Self-organizing teams encourage great architectures, requirements, and designs –
Each skilled motivated team member should have the right to take decisions and go ahead with his work, this increases their self-confidence, thus better productivity. A great agile management team direct their own work and enhances the output, yielding the best in stipulated time.
Octopull was designed for distributed teams. Distributed teams have to be self-organized and disciplined.

Inspect & Adapt –
Teams should undergo self-assessment, reflect on how to become more effective, tune and adjust it’s behavior accordingly. It’s a crucial factor cause if a team waits for order rather than implementing themselves they’ll fall back.
Regular evaluation where they had gone wrong, work on it and repeat the right way to excel. Octopull has reports for each mission, but also you can analyze aggregated reports for companies.

You can also share your thoughts regarding Agile Principles, tell us if we are on the right track with implementing those in Octopull, and also how can we utilize more of these principles in our Octopull Chat.

Thank you

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