How To Edit Your Profile

After you sign up and your account is ready, fill out the necessary fields to set up your account and help other Octopull Chat profiles know more about you easily. Don’t forget to add your personal favorite profile photo too.

  • Click on the Profile Segment (Octopull Logo) on the upper right-hand corner of the page.


  • A drop-down menu will appear, click Profile.


  • Here you can put your Name, Change Profile Picture, Update your password and also change your language preference.


  • Click ‘Save’ when you are finished.

Sending your First Octopull Message –

  • Click on the ‘+’ sign to start a new chat.


  • Add a contact by entering the exact mail id of the contact you want to chat with.


  • Type the message you want to convey to the desired person you want.
  • Click on ‘send invitation’, an invitation to join Octopull is immediately sent and after the person signs up they get the text message you had sent, and if the person is already a user of Octopull, they get a chat message directly in their messages.


  • After confirmation from the other user, and after they set up their profile, you can start chatting.

Send your message, add important files you want to send and never lose or get your messages deleted again. You can also add emojis to make your boring official conversation filled with fun.

Invite your entire team to join Octopull Chat to organize your workflow and boost your productivity.

Creating a Group to team up with members.

  • Click on the ‘+’ sign in the upper left-hand corner.
  • A pop-up window will appear, click on ‘New Group’
  • Add a short title or name to the group
  • Choose the users you want. Search from your contact list or type their email addresses to send an invitation to join the chat.
  • After you’ve added all your members, Click on ‘Create Group’

Creating a Mission

A mission is a unique feature in Octopull Chat is completely goal oriented, focused and for a high importance job, collaborating with specific members needed to do the job and it comes with a set deadline and regular reminder to finish the job.

  • Click on the ‘+’ sign in the upper left-hand corner.
    A pop-up window will appear, click on ‘New Mission’.
  • Add the title to point out the project and address the target of the mission.
  • Add a due date that is the time spared to deliver the particular project and the end-date would be a reminder for every member to complete their task.
  • Write a short description of the target details about the project.
  • Next, choose the users or members you want to add to the mission.
  • And, after you complete the steps, just click on create the mission.


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