Is there any ‘Whatsapp-type’ chat app for business communication?

Is there any ‘Whatsapp-type’ chat app for business communication?

Well, this is a question that comes to so many people but they really never nurture the thought.

Maybe you’re the owner or team leader of a business, then you should definitely decide on having a chat app for your internal communication, regardless of business model, industry, or team.

You’ve certainly felt the need to communicate with your team properly but lacked on ‘how to’. Your first approach might’ve been Whatsapp, but Whatsapp doesn’t really fit in if you’re trying to use it for business interactions and management. There’s a lot more than simply chatting in an official conversation.

Especially in a small business, your teams probably don’t have as much manpower as they need. Collaboration helps speed up projects so you can get more done in the same amount of time.

There are a lot of tools that fall into this category but we can recommend this newcomer tool in this booming marketing that’s equally satisfactory and viable for your business projects – Octopull Chat.

The tool is quite interesting with lots of features – you can use it for real-time business communication, offers project management solutions, can be integrated with many other tools, comes with iOS app version as well as Android version. You can set deadlines or arrange a SmartMeeting and the fun fact, initially its FREE.

We don’t want to talk specifically only about our collaboration tool, but the tips can apply to any other tool you utilize. It’s what your business demands, and you probably don’t want to let loose, an opportunity to enhance your business, and that too, when its devour of any cost to start with.

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